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I enjoy speaking about Africa, my experiences as a journalist, and other issues. I have given talks on Africa, especially Somalia, at conferences and universities, including Oxford University and University College London. I have spoken at other venues and occasions, including United Nations events and The Frontline Club in London.

The Nairobi Book Launch: Part 1

July 2018 - Hargeisa International Book Fair, Somaliland
Hargeisa Book Fair

June 2018 - Africa Writes, London
Somali poetry

June 2018 - International Maritime Organisation, London
Women, Peace and Security

June 2018 - European Union, Brussels
Lorenzo Natali Media Prize

September 2017 - Maritime Security Symposium, London
Maritime Security Symposium

July 2017 - Royal United Services Institute, London
Countering Terrorism and Violent Extremism

April 2017 - Hay Festival
Imagine the World

December 2016 - Danish Embassy, Nairobi
Security in the Horn of Africa

November 2016 - Overseas Development Institute, London
UK Approach to Eritrean Refugees

October 2016 - Somali Week Festival, London
Recording the Past

October 2016 - Chatham House, London
The Changing Nature of Eritrean Opposition Politics

June 2016 - British Institute in Eastern Africa, Kenya
African Agency in UK Africa relations

May 2016 - Oceans Beyond Piracy, London
State of Piracy

April 2016 - Lutonia Festival, UK
African Literature

December 2015 - Khadir Has University, Istanbul, Turkey
Africa Engagement Outlook

November 2015 - Coventry University, UK
RISING Global Peace Forum

October 2015 - The Economist’s Ethiopia Summit, Ethiopia
Ethiopia Summit

August 2015 - Overseas Development Institute, London
Tales from the Humanitarian Frontline

August 2015 - Hargeisa, Somaliland
Hargeisa International Book Fair

May 2015 - Book and Kitchen, London
Somaliland: In conversation with the author Nadifa Mohamed

March 2015 - Somali Culture Week, Manchester University

March 2015 - School of Oriental and African Studies, London
East Africa: Turning Common Narratives Around

December 2015 - Security Summit, Turkey
International Terrorism & Transnational Crime Conference

November 2014 - Haller Prize, Kenya
Does Africa need Development Journalism?

November 2014 - Human Rights Watch, London
The Power These Men Have Over Us

May 2014 - Oxford University
Oxford Africa Conference

May 2014 - Royal Africa Society, London
Launch of In the Name of the People

April 2014 - Queen Mary University of London
Conference on FGM

April 2014 - MIT, Boston, USA
Urban Africa event

February 2014 - Anglo-Somali Society, London, UK
Somalis on ice

January 2014 - Chatham House, London, UK
Towards Somali Federalism?

October 2013 - Anglo-Somali Society, London, UK

Talk on Somali issues

October 2013 - Internazionale Literature Festival, Italy

MSF sponsored event

October 2013 - Frontline Club London, UK

The Westgate Attack

September 2013 - Royal African Society, London

Launch of The Orchard of Lost Souls

August 2013 - Hargeisa International Book Fair, Somaliland

July 2013 - British Library, London

Africa Writes

June 2013 - Chatham House, London

Al Shabaab in Somalia

May 2013 - Said Business School, Oxford University, UK

Leading From the Frontier

May 2013 - School of Oriental & Africa Studies, London, UK

Discussion on Somalia

April 2013 - Somali Economic Forum, London, UK

A Brighter Somalia?

March 2013 - Idea Store, London, UK

Talk on Somali issues

January 2013 - The Jaipur Literature Festival, Jaipur.

Nov 2012 - Thomson Reuters Foundation, Istanbul

‘Global Security Seminar’

Nov 2012 - Oxford University, UK

China, Africa and the media

October 2012 - Somali Week, London, UK


September/October 2012 - US book tour

July 2012 - Hargeisa Book Fair, Somaliland.

Somaliland launch of Getting Somalia Wrong?

June 2012 - House of Commons, UK

‘My career as a journalist'

May 2012 - Oxford University, UK.

‘Pan-Africa Conference’

May 2012 - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Keynote speech on Getting Somalia Wrong?

April 2012 - University of Oxford event in Nairobi, Kenya.

Migration in the Horn of Africa and Yemen.

20 April 2012 - Oxford House, London, UK.

Getting Somalia Wrong? event.

29 March 2012 - North Kensington Library, London, UK.

From Our Own Correspondents

22 March 2012 - Sankara Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya.

Kenya launch of Getting Somalia Wrong?

March 2012 - Institute for Security Studies, Nairobi, Kenya.

Conference on the Horn of Africa

March 2012 - Dulwich College, London, UK.

Frontline Correspondents

March 2012 - SOAS, London, UK.

Working as a Foreign Correspondent

February 2012 - SOAS, London, UK.

London launch of Getting Somalia Wrong?

November 2011 - The Frontline Club, London, UK.

Elections in Congo

November 2011 - MSF Humanitarian Congress, Rome, Italy.

NGOs and the Media: a Symbiotic or a Contradictory Relationship?

November 2011 - Media, Conflict and Peace Building in Somalia, Somali Media Workshop organised by the Norwegian University of Life Sciences and Swansea University, Nairobi, Kenya.

September 2011 - Elections and the Management of Diversity in Africa, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, Nairobi, Kenya.

September 2011 - Security in the Kenya/ Somalia border regions, European Interagency Security Forum, Brussels, Belgium.

September 2011 - The Media and Future Migration, Metropolis Conference on Migration, Azores, Portugal.

September 2011 - Somalia Then and Now, Granta Ten Years Later launch, Foyles, London, UK.

June 2011 - The Politics of International Broadcasters, University of Oxford, UK.

September 2009 - Spotlight on Darfur: The Role of Media in Conflict, University College London, UK.

March 2009 - Somalia: From Bad to Worse, The Frontline Club, London, UK.

September 2008 - Is Somalia the New Front on the War on Terror? The Frontline Club, London, UK.

The Nairobi Book Launch: Part 2

The London Book Launch: Part 1

The London Book Launch: Part 2

The Book Launch on Somali Television

Somalia: From Bad to Worse?

The Frontline Club, London, UK (03/09)

Is Somalia the New Front on the War on Terror?

The Frontline Club, London, UK (09/08)


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