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I enjoy speaking at and moderating events, and do so regularly all over the world. I appear at literature festivals, conferences, summits and other public and private events, including The Hay Festival, The Jaipur Literature Festival, Chatham House, The United Nations and Oxford University.

The Nairobi Book Launch: Part 1

July 2018 - Hargeisa International Book Fair, Somaliland
Hargeisa Book Fair

June 2018 - Africa Writes, London
Somali poetry

June 2018 - International Maritime Organisation, London
Women, Peace and Security

June 2018 - European Union, Brussels
Lorenzo Natali Media Prize

September 2017 - Maritime Security Symposium, London
Maritime Security Symposium

July 2017 - Royal United Services Institute, London
Countering Terrorism and Violent Extremism

April 2017 - Hay Festival
Imagine the World

December 2016 - Danish Embassy, Nairobi
Security in the Horn of Africa

November 2016 - Overseas Development Institute, London
UK Approach to Eritrean Refugees

October 2016 - Somali Week Festival, London
Recording the Past

October 2016 - Chatham House, London
The Changing Nature of Eritrean Opposition Politics

June 2016 - British Institute in Eastern Africa, Kenya
African Agency in UK Africa relations

May 2016 - Oceans Beyond Piracy, London
State of Piracy

April 2016 - Lutonia Festival, UK
African Literature

December 2015 - Khadir Has University, Istanbul, Turkey
Africa Engagement Outlook

November 2015 - Coventry University, UK
RISING Global Peace Forum

October 2015 - The Economist’s Ethiopia Summit, Ethiopia
Ethiopia Summit

August 2015 - Overseas Development Institute, London
Tales from the Humanitarian Frontline

August 2015 - Hargeisa, Somaliland
Hargeisa International Book Fair

May 2015 - Book and Kitchen, London
Somaliland: In conversation with the author Nadifa Mohamed

March 2015 - Somali Culture Week, Manchester University

March 2015 - School of Oriental and African Studies, London
East Africa: Turning Common Narratives Around

December 2015 - Security Summit, Turkey
International Terrorism & Transnational Crime Conference

November 2014 - Haller Prize, Kenya
Does Africa need Development Journalism?

November 2014 - Human Rights Watch, London
The Power These Men Have Over Us

May 2014 - Oxford University
Oxford Africa Conference

May 2014 - Royal Africa Society, London
Launch of In the Name of the People

April 2014 - Queen Mary University of London
Conference on FGM

April 2014 - MIT, Boston, USA
Urban Africa event

February 2014 - Anglo-Somali Society, London, UK
Somalis on ice

January 2014 - Chatham House, London, UK
Towards Somali Federalism?

October 2013 - Anglo-Somali Society, London, UK

Talk on Somali issues

October 2013 - Internazionale Literature Festival, Italy

MSF sponsored event

October 2013 - Frontline Club London, UK

The Westgate Attack

September 2013 - Royal African Society, London

Launch of The Orchard of Lost Souls

August 2013 - Hargeisa International Book Fair, Somaliland

July 2013 - British Library, London

Africa Writes

June 2013 - Chatham House, London

Al Shabaab in Somalia

May 2013 - Said Business School, Oxford University, UK

Leading From the Frontier

May 2013 - School of Oriental & Africa Studies, London, UK

Discussion on Somalia

April 2013 - Somali Economic Forum, London, UK

A Brighter Somalia?

March 2013 - Idea Store, London, UK

Talk on Somali issues

January 2013 - The Jaipur Literature Festival, Jaipur.

Nov 2012 - Thomson Reuters Foundation, Istanbul

‘Global Security Seminar’

Nov 2012 - Oxford University, UK

China, Africa and the media

October 2012 - Somali Week, London, UK


September/October 2012 - US book tour

July 2012 - Hargeisa Book Fair, Somaliland.

Somaliland launch of Getting Somalia Wrong?

June 2012 - House of Commons, UK

‘My career as a journalist'

May 2012 - Oxford University, UK.

‘Pan-Africa Conference’

May 2012 - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Keynote speech on Getting Somalia Wrong?

April 2012 - University of Oxford event in Nairobi, Kenya.

Migration in the Horn of Africa and Yemen.

20 April 2012 - Oxford House, London, UK.

Getting Somalia Wrong? event.

29 March 2012 - North Kensington Library, London, UK.

From Our Own Correspondents

22 March 2012 - Sankara Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya.

Kenya launch of Getting Somalia Wrong?

March 2012 - Institute for Security Studies, Nairobi, Kenya.

Conference on the Horn of Africa

March 2012 - Dulwich College, London, UK.

Frontline Correspondents

March 2012 - SOAS, London, UK.

Working as a Foreign Correspondent

February 2012 - SOAS, London, UK.

London launch of Getting Somalia Wrong?

November 2011 - The Frontline Club, London, UK.

Elections in Congo

November 2011 - MSF Humanitarian Congress, Rome, Italy.

NGOs and the Media: a Symbiotic or a Contradictory Relationship?

November 2011 - Media, Conflict and Peace Building in Somalia, Somali Media Workshop organised by the Norwegian University of Life Sciences and Swansea University, Nairobi, Kenya.

September 2011 - Elections and the Management of Diversity in Africa, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, Nairobi, Kenya.

September 2011 - Security in the Kenya/ Somalia border regions, European Interagency Security Forum, Brussels, Belgium.

September 2011 - The Media and Future Migration, Metropolis Conference on Migration, Azores, Portugal.

September 2011 - Somalia Then and Now, Granta Ten Years Later launch, Foyles, London, UK.

June 2011 - The Politics of International Broadcasters, University of Oxford, UK.

September 2009 - Spotlight on Darfur: The Role of Media in Conflict, University College London, UK.

March 2009 - Somalia: From Bad to Worse, The Frontline Club, London, UK.

September 2008 - Is Somalia the New Front on the War on Terror? The Frontline Club, London, UK.

The Nairobi Book Launch: Part 2

The Book Launch on Somali Television


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